About Us

Braemar Mountain Rescue Association was formed in 1965 by a group of local people who were concerned about the increasing number of mountain accidents and the burden being placed on local residents to help.

Often with no mountaineering experience or proper clothing, they were called upon to try to rescue others from remote locations usually in appalling weather. These volunteers carried on a long tradition of local people giving aid to those lost in the mountains. From the outset they worked very closely with the local Police Mountain Rescue Team which had been formed a few years earlier. This tradition is maintained today, the two teams operating as one integrated unit with joint management.

Braemar Mountain Rescue Team 2014

As well as our involvement in mountain rescue work, which is now in the hands of a well-trained and well equipped team of almost 40 volunteers, the Association is involved in training, fund-raising and looking after our equipment, bases and vehicles. We also provide assistance to Police Scotland in the search for missing persons.

Winter is the busiest time for our team. We work closely with the UK Search and Rescue helicopter service and the Scottish Avalanche Information Service as part of our training and on callouts.

Mountain rescue is now a very sophisticated and expensive business but the basic need to help those in difficulty in the mountains, often in dire situations, remains the same.


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